Reinforced Hollow Plate Turnover Box Russian customer visit case

Not long ago, we reached a cooperative relationship with Russian customers. They needed a large number of enhanced version of the hollow turnover box. After comparing several companies on the Internet, we finally chose us. We also warmly invited Russian customers to visit, Russian customers come. After arriving at the company, we had a very pleasant conversation. They were very satisfied with the quality of our products and finally reached a friendly relationship. enhanced version of the hollow turnover box is absolutely harmless and smelless, and moisture resistance & anticorrosion. Its special and great properties such as strong, lightweight, various colors, … Read more

Hollow Plate Turnover Box Japanese customer visit case

Recently, Japanese customers visited our company. They need a large number of hollow board turnover boxes. After comparing a number of companies on the Internet, they finally chose us. We are also very happy that Japanese customers will believe us, so we invite them to visit us. After the inspection, Japanese customers made a high evaluation of our products and reached a cooperative relationship with us. Hollow board turnover box is a lightweight (hollow structure), non-toxic, waterproof, shockproof, long lifespan, corrosion preventive material. Compared with cardboard, It has the advantage of waterproof, colorfast and corrosion is a idea materials for … Read more