Polypropylene Hollow Plate Edge Sealing Box

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The polypropylene hollow plate edge sealing box comprises a polypropylene hollow plate box body with an upper end opening. A side wall of the polypropylene hollow plate box body is provided with a slot, and the end of the side wall opposite to the side wall where the slot is located is connected with a superior plywood made of polypropylene hollow plate. The upper closing plate comprises a sealing plate which is closed with the opening at the upper end of the polypropylene hollow plate box body and a inserting plate which is connected with the edge of the sealing plate and connected with the slot and socket.

Edge sealing box is also called file box, the existing edge sealing box is generally made of leather or corrugated paper and other materials. Among them, the leather material cost is high, and corrugated is not waterproof and mechanical properties are poor, changeability, so are not suitable for the sealing box.

The edge box has advantages:

1.The structure design is reasonable.

2.Good durability.


4.Water resistance.

Schematic diagram of polypropylene hollow plate edge sealing box:

Figure 1 stereogram

Figure 1 stereogram

Figure 2 plane development

Figure 2 plane development

Polypropylene hollow board box 1, slot 2, upper board 3, sealing board 31, insert board 32, inside folding board 4, jack 321, inside hole 22, observation port 311

Product parameters:

Textures:Food grade environmental protection pp material


Application fields:

1.Industrial product packaging turnover: electronic components packaging turnover box, plastic parts turnover box, box partition knife card, anti-static hollow board turnover box, conductive hollow board turnover box.

2、Bag and handbag tray: Packing lining board, packing backing board, partition board.

3、The container industry: Bottle industry: glass bottle factory base plate, bottle holder, canned products partition, can holder, base plate.

4、Machinery industry: machine cushion plate.

5、Advertising industry: PP hollow board display box, graphic display frame, advertising board, corona board.

6、Home decoration: ceiling, grille, toilet partition.

7、Furniture industry: tea table board, furniture decoration board.

8、Agriculture: all kinds of fruit boxes, vegetables packaging boxes, pesticide packaging boxes, food packaging boxes, beverage packaging boxes;The roof of the greenhouse.

9、Cultural products: smart blackboard, file bag.

10、Automotive industry: Steering wheel pad, Rear bulkhead of vehicle, backing plate.

11、Electrical industry: refrigerator and washing machine back board, partition.

12、Baby products: stroller pad, children’s intelligent hurdle.

Characteristics of polypropylene hollow board edge box:

1.The insert plate is provided with a slot for human fingers to insert, and the side wall where the slot is located is provided with an inner hole corresponding to the slot.

2.Hollow plate box body is rectangular shape, the end of the other three side walls of the polypropylene hollow plate box body except the side wall where the upper board is located are uniformly connected with an internal folding board made of polypropylene hollow plate.

3.An observation port is arranged on the sealing plate.