Introduction of wave surface polymerized Hollow Plate

PP hollow sheets are generally made of environmentally friendly non-polluting recyclable thermoplastic polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (HDPE) resin and a variety of accessories made of the other there is a polycarbonate (PC) PP hollow sheet, also known as sunshine board, Long board, PC hollow board, is a high-performance engineering plastics PC resin processing, with high transparency, light weight, impact resistance, noise, heat insulation, flame retardant, anti-aging characteristics, is a high-tech, integrated Extremely superior performance, energy saving and environmentally friendly.

wave surface polymerized hollow plate

Feature of wave surface polymerized hollow plate:
1.Light weight, rigid, strong and long time durable;
2.Water proof, moisture resistance, excellent weather ability;
3.Good chemical resistance, impact resistance, fade resistance;
4.Environmental friendly, recyclable, washable, non-toxic, anti-corrosion;
5.Easy to fabricate, custom-made cut shape;
6.Excellent surface for paints and inks easily, easy to print;
8.Approved for food packaging.

Properties of wave surface polymerized hollow plate:

1.Unaffected by water.

2.Stronger and more durable than corrugated fiberboard.

3.Wave surface polymerized hollow plate is extremely lightweight.

4.Won’t rust, rot, mildew or corrode like metal or wood.

5.Can be printed on easily and clearly.

6.Tear, puncture and impact-resistant.

7.Can be scored, creased, stapled, nailed, stitched, folded & drilled

8.Can be made for die-cut.

9.Can be sonic or heat welded.

10.Resists a wide range of chemicals, grease and dirt.

11.Can be produced with a non-skid coating on one side.

Details of wave surface polymerized hollow plate:

ProductWave surface polymerized hollow plate
Raw Material1.100% virgin polypropylene resin
2.Recycled polypropylene resin
Options1.Flame Retardant
2.Corona treatment
5.Ultra-violet inhibiting
6.FDA approved resins
Width & lengthWidth:2.2m(Max.)Length: Customized
Density (gsm)250-
Skin Thickness0.0065″0.008″0.009″0.013″0.018″0.030”0.040”0.051”0.067”0.086”
Flute Thickness0.0065″0.008″0.009″0.013″0.018″0.030”0.040”0.051”0.067”0.086”
Surface Tension (dyne/cm)46464646464646464646

Application of wave surface polymerized hollow plate

Potential user industries for PP hollow board would be:

  1. Farm produce-tomatoes,carrots,mushrooms,fruit-in the form of tote boxesor crates.
  2. Horticulture-orchids and other expensive garden products-tote boxes, crates.
  3. Agriculture products-Tea,coffee,tobacco,foodgrain-unit/bulk packs.
  4. Electrical & Electronic appliances-sensitive electrical equipment, measuring equipment for radio and electronic industry-unit/bulk packs, tote boxes.
  5. Glassware & potteries-fragile items-unit/bulk packs.
  6. Auto ancillary spare parts and components-unit/bulk packs.
  7. Food items such as baby food, milk powder, biscuits and chocolates-unit/bulk packs.
  8. Beverages inclusive of beers, liquors, soft carbonated and non-carbonated drinks-tote boxes, crates, carry-home packs.
  9. Frozen sea-food and meat export packs-unit/bulk packs.
  10. Pharmaceuticals and other steam sterilised products-unit/bulk packs.
  11. Cosmetics-unit packs as well as point of sale display items.
  12. Automobile battery cases-unit/bulk packs.

Wavefront Polymerized Hollow Plate Box

PP hollow board is a green material with a very wide range of applications, and gradually replace some of corrugated paper packaging materials, and now some domestic enterprises are also being developed for building decoration materials.