Advantages of polypropylene Hollow Plate Edge Sealing Box

PP Hollow Sheet is made of Polypropylene (PP) copolymer, also known under the names of corrugated Sheet, Corflute , Sunpack Sheet , cartonplast sheet , Correx,  Corex , Coroplast , Fluteboard, Danpla, Twin Wall Sheet ,Core Flute, Corriboard, Polyflute and so on. polypropylene hollow plate edge sealing box Polypropylene hollow plate edge sealing box offers the following advantages:  Durable: Corrugated plastic sheets are engineered to be much stronger than typical paper solutions; Corrugated plastic containers can be reused many more times than cardboard or paper. Flexible Solutions: We can engineer custom corrugated plastic solutions that can solve a number of your … Read more

Application of Reinforced Hollow Plate Circulation Box

PP plastic box could be the ideal solution to your industrial packaging and storage needs. Whether your needs are simple or complex, reinforced hollow plate circulation box can reduce your costs. We offer complete in-house design and fabricating services. Die cutting, scoring, slotting, riveting, sonic welding, and a variety of in-stock hardware such as handles, latches, straps, and buckles all make corrugated plastic the reusable, recyclable and versatile material every company could use. Reinforced hollow plate circulation box Features of reinforced hollow plate circulation box:  1.Paper – paper fear of water, fear of tide, perishable, can not guarantee the quality of the product … Read more

Introduction of wave surface polymerized Hollow Plate

PP hollow sheets are generally made of environmentally friendly non-polluting recyclable thermoplastic polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (HDPE) resin and a variety of accessories made of the other there is a polycarbonate (PC) PP hollow sheet, also known as sunshine board, Long board, PC hollow board, is a high-performance engineering plastics PC resin processing, with high transparency, light weight, impact resistance, noise, heat insulation, flame retardant, anti-aging characteristics, is a high-tech, integrated Extremely superior performance, energy saving and environmentally friendly. wave surface polymerized hollow plate Feature of wave surface polymerized hollow plate: 1.Light weight, rigid, strong and long time durable; 2.Water proof, moisture … Read more