Advantages of polypropylene Hollow Plate Edge Sealing Box

PP Hollow Sheet is made of Polypropylene (PP) copolymer, also known under the names of corrugated Sheet, Corflute , Sunpack Sheet , cartonplast sheet , Correx,  Corex , Coroplast , Fluteboard, Danpla, Twin Wall Sheet ,Core Flute, Corriboard, Polyflute and so on.

polypropylene hollow plate edge sealing box

Polypropylene hollow plate edge sealing box offers the following advantages: 
Durable: Corrugated plastic sheets are engineered to be much stronger than typical paper solutions; Corrugated plastic containers can be reused many more times than cardboard or paper.
Flexible Solutions: We can engineer custom corrugated plastic solutions that can solve a number of your handling and storage challenges. We can custom fabricate containers of unique size, shapes and colors to meet your packaging needs.
Moisture Proof: Plastic will withstand water and other chemicals to ensure longevity in less than ideal environments.
Fiber Free: Corrugated plastic doesn’t shed; Your product and storage area will have less contamination. The ideal material for cleanroom environments!
Environmentally Friendly: Because of its durability, plastic containers can be reused many times and because plastic is recyclable, there is no waste to contaminate the environment.
Printing Capabilities: Silk screen printing, digital printing and water based flexo-printing are some of the common methods of printing on corrugated plastic.
ESD Protection: Corrugated plastic can be made conductive to reduce static build-up and protect ESD sensitive materials.

Various forms of polypropylene hollow plate edge sealing box

The relative parameters of polypropylene hollow plate edge sealing box:

ProductPP hollow sheet/fluted sheet/corrugated PP sheet
Density (gsm)≥250≥350≥400≥600≥750≥900≥1700≥1800≥1900≥2000≥2100≥2200


Application of Polypropylene hollow plate edge sealing box:

Transportation/Turnover box: The toughness and hollow sheet can easily be bent and cut, The PP sheet can be designed as all kinds of transportation box, mailbox, display rack, partition, gift box etc.The conductive PP hollow sheet can be used as the container of electric parts, food, drink etc. The most important is that the PP sheet can be used recycled.

Widely used in electronics, packaging, machinery, light industry, postal services, food, medicine, pesticides, household appliances, advertising, decoration, stationery, magneto-optical technology, biological engineering pharmaceutical and health care and other industries.

Application of polypropylene hollow plate edge sealing box

Classification of polypropylene hollow plate edge sealing box:

Anti-static turnover box, anti-static turnover me, conductive turnover box, fire-resistant turnover me, parts turnover me, the instrument turnover me, beverage turnover me, pesticide turnover me, precision instruments, packaging, Postal crates, electronic components packaging pads, partitions and so on.

Performance of polypropylene hollow plate edge sealing box:

With anti-folding, anti-aging, high load-bearing strength, stretching, compression, tearing, high temperature, rich color, made into a box-type turnover box can be used for both turnover and finished product shipping packaging, lightweight, durable, stackable . Can be customized according to user needs of various specifications, size, aluminum alloy edging, can be covered, dustproof, beautiful appearance.

The hollow board turnover box is designed and manufactured according to the size provided by the customer, so that the most reasonable loading, and multiple boxes overlap, effectively use the plant space, increase the storage of parts and save production costs.

Polypropylene hollow plate is a lightweight (hollow structure), non-toxic, waterproof, shockproof, long lifespan, corrosion preventive material. Compared with cardboard, It has the advantage of waterproof, colorfast and corrosion preventive.